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Compass Children's Church

Pointing each child to life’s true North, Jesus.

At The Harbor, we believe God designed your home to be the center of your children’s spiritual development.  You have the awesome responsibility and opportunity to be the most influential person in your children’s lives!  We encourage all parents to cultivate family devotional times in their homes, and model the Christian faith for your kids. Make every effort to stay connected in small groups (bible study, faith group, or discipleship group) as we believe this is a really effective way to spur you on in your personal relationship with God.

How Check In Works

As you enter church, please sign in your child(ren) at the Compass table in the front lobby. For children up to age 3 you will be given a matching bracelet with your child’s assigned number on it. If we need your assistance with your child during the service we will page that number onto the projection screen in the sanctuary for your convenience. Pre-K and Elementary kids will receive a name tag. Sign out happens at the classrooms.


 Worship in Song

Each Sunday, we invite children of all ages to participate in corporate worship with their families. We believe babies, toddlers, and children can enjoy being in God’s presence together through the worship experience.


Pastoral Blessing

After worship, children ages birth to 11 will be called to the front for a pastoral blessing.


Our Classrooms

Following the blessing, children will transition from the auditorium to their classes.  The classrooms run for about 45 minutes.  We have skilled teachers and wonderful leaders who through Bible stories and hands-on activities teach your child(ren) about how much Jesus loves children.  All our volunteers are screened through our interview process, reference check, and CORI background check.

Mothers’ Care Room

This is a private and comfortable space for moms to feed and care for their infants during our service.

Compass Nursery for children ages birth to 2

In this room, babies have the space to wiggle around and play.

Compass Toddlers is for children ages 3 – 5

Kids in this room will have the chance to play and engage with their peers as well as participate in a Bible story and song. Our focus in this room is creating a fun and safe environment for kids to play together as well as a chance for them to begin hearing about Jesus and how he loves them.

Compass Classroom is for children ages 6 – 11

In this class, children will have the opportunity to learn in a rich setting that includes a combination of large group activities and small group response times.  Each small group has an adult volunteer.  Each small group has activities that are prepared according to the group’s abilities.  Our focus in this time is to train kids to grow closer to God and to each other.

Compass Ministry Leaders

We exist to serve you, parents.  Our staff is made up of volunteer adults who are committed to  making the harbor a great place for families.  Contact the Compass Coordinator, Krissi Carroll, with general questions or comments.

Parents with questions specific to children pre-K and older may contact the Compass Classroom Coordinator, Jonathan Neil.

Snack Policy

We don't allow snacks from home in order to protect children with allergies. Cheerios and water are provided. Children are allowed to bring water into Children’s Ministry classrooms, and bottles are permitted in our babies' classroom as well.


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."- Matthew 19:14 (NIV)